system tray system monitor.

sytysymo tray icon
The system tray icon shows the current max CPU frequency (here 0.8 GHz), updated every second.
The left bar in the icon indicates the CPU frequency (1 of 4), here 1 = low.
The right bar in the icon indicates the battery status, if any, here 3 of 4. This is not linear! 1 = <15%, 2 = <30%, 3 = <70%, 4 = >=70%.

sytysymo tooltip
Hoovering over the icon shows a tooltip.

sytysymo menu
Right-clicking on the tray icon opens the program's menu.

sytysymo /sys info
Left-clicking on the tray icon or selecting 'Show sensor infos' from the menu shows a pop up info with:
  * CPU frequency current/available
  * CPU governor used/available
  * CPU core temperature
  * battery status

sytysymo hddtemp info
If hddtemp is installed, right clicking on the tray icon and selecting 'Show hddtemp info (root!)' will show the current temperatures of the detected hard disks.
This function requires to enter the root password via gksu (hddtemp limitation). That's why this info is separated out.

  - Qt4
  - cmake

sytysymo-0.9.10 ; 15. Apr. 2013
* CPU temp reading improved
* GUI updates
Source: tar.gz ; Arch Linux PKGBUILD ; Qt 4.8.4 pkg: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz

sytysymo-0.9.9 ; 07. Apr. 2013
* updated due to qt4 package change
Source: tar.gz ; Arch Linux Qt 4.8.2 pkg: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz

sytysymo-0.9.9 ; 06. Jul. 2012
* widget for showing /sys info updated - smaller footprint
Source: tar.gz ; Arch Linux Qt 4.8.2 pkg: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz

sytysymo-0.9.8 ; 10. Mar. 2012
* new widget for showing /sys info
Source: tar.gz ; Arch Linux Qt 4.8.0 pkg: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz

sytysymo-0.9.7 ; 30. Aug. 2011
* separated user readable infos from /sys and hddtemp info which requires root password
* updated svg icons
* switched to GPL3
* updated online help and ToDo list
files no longer online

sytysymo-0.9.6 ; 10. Jul. 2010
* implemented: show highest frequency of all CPUs (cores) in tray icon
* implemented: show frequencies of all CPUs (cores) in info widget
* fixed: show about dialog close to calling cursor
files no longer online

sytysymo-0.9.5 ; 16. May 2010
* fixed: show correct messages on error reading/converting /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp
files no longer online

sytysymo-0.9.4 ; 27. Apr. 2010
files no longer online