siimvi - SImple IMage VIewer, Qt5 based image viewer

The main purpose of siimvi is showing images fit-to-screen with easy toggle to show them in original size (1:1), but not to be able to adjust any image settings. Use a full image manipulation program for that.

siimvi is mouse centric, meaning, that all features are easily accessable via mouse buttons.

Right-clicking into the image will open a small menu with the programs options.

Using the scroll wheel of your mouse will cycle through images in the directory the first image with which siimvi was opened is in or, if more than one file is given as command line argument, the files given as command line argument:
scoll up = previous image
scroll down = next image

Left-clicking into the image toggles between showing full screen (only parts fitting onto the current screen size or shown) and maximized to screen size (scaled down to fit the screen).

Clicking the mouse wheel/middle button will show the image information. Exif information are supported, if the appropriate libraries are installed.

siimvi supports exif information to show images in the right orientation. Adjusting images via this option can be de-select in the settings dialog as well. (lib)Exiv2 must be installed to auto-enable exif support.
Currently only exif 'image' and 'photo' tags and somewhat 'Canon makernote' tags are supported.

More options can be accessed via the menu by right-clicking into the image.

The program is released under GPL2 or later.

  - Qt5, for compilation
  - cmake, for compilation
  - exiv2, for compilation, not when running (but of course, then exif information cannot be shown).
  - ExifTool by Phil Harvey, not for compilation, if you want to see exif image information.

siimvi showing the 'right-click' menu:

siimvi pic
Whether the image information, file name and/or size, should be shown in the lower right of the screen can be configured in the settings dialog, as well as the time for how long it/they are shown after loading the image.

siimvi 1.1.0 ; 28. October 2016
* added showing next/previous image via down/up and page-down/page-up keys for mouseless laptops
Source: tar.gz , signature ; arch linux: PKGBUILD ; x86_64 pkg.tar.xz , signature

siimvi 1.0.0 ; 26. October 2016
* added showing animated gifs animated
Source: tar.gz , signature ; arch linux: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz , signature

siimvi 0.9.94 ; 20. October 2015
* now Qt5 based
* added auto resize of exif info widget
* program icons now svg and provided by the program
Source: tar.gz ; arch linux: PKGBUILD ; x86_64 pkg.tar.xz

siimvi 0.9.8 ; 15. March 2014
* exiv2 has changed - new Arch64 pre-compiled package
Source: tar.gz ; arch linux: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz

siimvi 0.9.8 ; 18. August 2012
* exiv2 has changed - new Arch64 pre-compiled package
Files no longer online.

siimvi 0.9.8 ; 22. October 2011
* added support for svg files, Qt4 4.7.x supports this now (or already some time?)
* arch package update was anyway required due to new exiv2 release
Files no longer online.

siimvi 0.9.7 ; 27. February 2011
* pre-compiled arch package updated - required as exiv2 was updated.
Files no longer online.

siimvi 0.9.7 ; 24. October 2010
* pre-compiled arch package updated - required as exiftool was updated.
Files no longer online.

siimvi 0.9.7 ; 14. May 2010
* fixed: sort: ignore case (showing an image off many in a dir), should result in more expected behaviour with human like file managers like xfe or thunar.
Files no longer online.

siimvi 0.9.6 ; 09. October 2009 - updated 07. February 2010 - updated 22. March 2010:
* updated 20100322: arch: added new (no longer PKGBUILD) and pkg.tar.gz, reflecting Qt4 (4.6.x) and exiv2 updates
* updated 20100207: added arch linux (no longer: PKGBUILD) and pkg.tar.gz
* changed: using ExifTools by Phil Harvey to show exif image information
Files no longer online.

siimvi 0.9.5 ; 28. June 2009:
* implemented: saving currently shown image
* improved: showing on stacked image window managers - might be a regression if taskbar is always shown, image might not cover it
* improved: show exposure compensation
* re-factored: exif information handling - not much in result, but a lot of work for me
Files no longer online.

siimvi 0.9.4 ; 25. April 2009:
* fixed: several minor fixes and changes
* improved: image information widget, layout, font size can be set
* improved: exif information support for Canon
* added: trying to load next image on failed loading current image can now be aborted
* added: image information widget can stay open while cycling through the image list
Files no longer online.

siimvi-0.9.3 ; 14. Dec. 2008
* fixed: showing icons in the menu
* updated: online help and ToDo
Files no longer online.

siimvi-0.9.2 ; 14. Dec. 2008
* inital release
Files no longer online.