qublc - Qt(5) based Unbound Block List Creator

qublc let's you maintain a small personal list of URLs which should be blocked.
It allows to output this list in a format that can be read by unbound.
So you need a router which has unbound running as a local name resolver, if this program can be of any use for you.

Right-click into the table to open a menu to add or delete entries. Editing is done in the table cells directly.
qublc checks whether a new entry is already in the list.
The program supports up to 3 domain levels, which you can sort by, by clicking in the corresponding table headers.
qublc is released under the MIT license.

qublc 'right-click' menu to add or delete entries:

qublc menu pic

qublc domain input dialog:

qublc dialog pic

qublc 0.9.5 ; 09. Aug. 2020
* initial release
Source: tar.gz ; signature
arch linux: PKGBUILD ; x86_64 pkg.tar.xz compiled with Qt 5.15.0 , signature