qpictopdf - picture to pdf converter based on Qt5

qpictopdf will convert one or many pictures into one pdf file.
The picture(s) can be easily selected in a tree view.
It uses convert from ImageMagick to concatenate 2 images into 1 and then create 1 pdf file from the image(s).

Please note, that there is no option to scale to a specific page size.
Pictures are turned into a pdf page as is, with whatever size they originally have.
The program is designed for archiving purposes - re-viewing on screen, not creating printable pages.

As of version 0.9.90 qpictopdf also supports to concatenating 2 pictures into 1, horizontally or vertically.

qpictopdf has only a few options:
- Set output directory manually or always to the source directory (where the images are located)
- Set the pdf/jpg file name manually or get a suggestion - currently this is no longer trying to be smart and simply adjusts the suffix: result.jpg/pdf
- Can concatenate every 2 images into 1 before creating pdf file
- Define the pdf quality and size via the compress type and quality settings
- Can concatenate 2 pictures into 1, horizontally or vertically - this will create a picture of type of the 1st input file, not a pdf, jpg only tested so far
- Can delete the selected picture(s) after successful pdf/jpg creation
    Careful, files are really deleted from disk (after confirmation)!

qpictopdf screenshot:

qpictopdf pic

qpictopdf uses cmake, Qt5 and calls convert from ImageMagick via QProcess.
Beside the source, an inofficial arch linux package for amd64 is available.

qpictopdf-0.9.91 ; 30. Oct. 2016
* fixed erratic name suggestion
* minor GUI updates
Source: tar.gz , signature ; Arch Linux: PKGBUILD ; Qt 5.7.0: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz , signature

qpictopdf-0.9.90 ; 10. Oct. 2015
* now Qt5 based
* GUI improvements
* added support to concatenate 2 jpegs into 1, horizontally or vertically
Source: tar.gz ; Arch Linux pkg Qt 5.5.0: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz

qpictopdf-0.9.16 ; 24. May 2011
* fixed trying to save pdf twice, if not hit return after changing the file name
Source: tar.gz ; Arch Linux pkg Qt 4.7: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz

qpictopdf-0.9.15 ; 07. Feb. 2011
* fixed creating pdf from selection without concatenate images
* fixed picking file name with file dialog - chop path, just set file name
Files no longer online.

qpictopdf-0.9.14 ; 29. Jan. 2011
* fixed ask for overwrite existing pdf before starting to concatenate images
* fixed showing success/failure messagebox close to cursor
* fixed pdf creation with even numbers of files
* fixed too many file exist check pop ups
* converted button info from status tip to tool tip
Files no longer online.

qpictopdf-0.9.13 ; 14. Jan. 2011
* fixed unset focus after pdf name edit finished to avoid unnecessary pdf file exist checks
Files no longer online.

qpictopdf-0.9.12 ; 12. Jan. 2011
* fixed pdf name handling
* some refactoring, mainly for checking write access for the destination directory
Files no longer online.

qpictopdf-0.9.10 ; 11. Jan. 2011
* fixed creating pdf without concatenate 2 images first
Files no longer online.

qpictopdf-0.9.9 ; 07. Jan. 2011
* changed to use convert from ImageMagick directly
* fixed pdf size, can be influenced via compress type and quality setting
* fixed: changing output directory manually
* added option to create pdf in source dir automatically (no need to set it)
* GUI update, now having menu and toolbar
Files no longer online.