Note: beside the source, Arch Linux packages (PKGBUILD and x86_64.pkg.tar.gz) can be found here.
These are inofficial packages, but should be good enough to be handled with pacman.

2020 Jul 23: I'm trying to give package signing another go. New key:
ID(?) F8AAF5C9, Fingerprint A833 5716 021F 2AE7 C26B 49FB 810C 093D F8AA F5C9
Public key: F8AAF5C9 public key

04. Feb. 2023 - qaplay 4.0.7 released

* improve setting internal m3u playlist

01. Feb. 2023 - qaplay 4.0.6 released

* implemented showing the internal song list and allow selecting the song to play from it

25. Jan. 2023 - qaplay 4.0.5 released

* fixed adding song to internal playlist when it does not already exists

20. Jan. 2023 - qaplay 4.0.4 released

* implemented to allow only 1 instance of qaplay at a time
* implemented playling a *.m3u playlist
* changed about icon - once more
* implemented play favorites playlist

03. Jan. 2023 - qaplay 4.0.3 released

* moved to Qt6
* switched to MIT license
* swapped many icons to ones from openclipart (Public Domain), including the program icon
* made setting one and adding to internal favorites playlist work

01. Aug. 2022 - qaplay 3.0.4 released

* add *.mkv, *.mp4 and *.webm to the supported file types and add those files to the directory list to be played (audio only)
* add a text to show if no information of the currently played file can be get
* fixed 2 compile warnings

21. Jul. 2022 - qrsyncmgr 2.9.3 released

* fixed crash on start without rsync definitions
* updated program icon to svg

03. Mar. 2021 - qublc 0.9.6 released

* fixed/updated program icon
* fixed toggle 'include in unbound file' field
* implemented delete multiple selection(s) ilo one item only
* implemented sorting by date, oldest first

25. Aug. 2020 - qaplay 3.0.3 released


09. Aug. 2020 - qublc 0.9.5 released

* initial release

02. Oct. 2019 - siimvi 1.1.2 released

* revert back to showMaximized (ilo showFullScreen) for now, to allow pop-ups to be seen

01. Oct. 2019 - siimvi 1.1.1 released

* changed mode from showMaximized (not covering taskbar) to showFullScreen (use full screen)
* compile fix for exiv2 - use desired #include method
* fixed some compile warnings (use of QDesktopWidget, empty auto mocs)
...Umph... signature is gone! It'll be back, wasn't signed by anyone anyway...
Cannot find... aeh... pst!
The PKGBUILD has a sha256sum for the source. Repeating it here would not add security, I fear.

30. Oct. 2016 - qpictopdf 0.9.91 released

* fixed erratic name suggestion
* minor GUI updates