filmat11, video player, Qt6 and mpv based

filmat11 is a small video player using Qt6 and mpv.
mpv is used to play the movies, so all the codec magic is handled by it.
filmat11 requires the movie collection to be in one directory.
It is possible to set tags per movie: genre, 2x language and 4x other tags, e. g. actress, actor or director.
Depending the mood, the collection can be filtered by the tags - though only one at a time.

filmat11 might be used via a television with a remote control.

filmat11 main window pic

tag editor, right click in a movie row to open it:
filmat11 tag editor pic

Open filmat11 without a command line option. Set the movie directory via the settings editor.

Read more in the online help.

- Qt6 (including development files)
- cmake (build tool)
- mpv (not required for compiling filmat11, but to play movies)

filmat11-0.9.5 ; 04. Sep. 2023
* initial release
Source: tar.gz ; signature
Arch Linux: PKGBUILD ; x86_64 pkg.tar.xz compiled with Qt 6.5.2 ; signature