calorie tracker.

calotrac is a simple calorie tracker.

By default, the drinks and food lists are empty. You must edit them with a simple editor and add the drinks and food you usually consume.
See the online help for more details, resp. the location and format (item description TAB kJ (total, sometimes per 100g/ml)) of the files.

calotrac program widget shown
The program with some demo figures...

Select a drink or food entry from the comboboxes, for snacks and drinks add the amount in ml or g and the total kJ per serve will be added to the todays consumption list. For snacks you can define entries with the total amount of kJ per serve as well. Just enter '1' as amount and the total per item will just be the defined entry.
Drinks should always be defined per 100 ml and the amount can then be selected from the combobox next to it.

The todays list is stored automatically on exit, so you can open and close the program as many times you want over a day.

At the end of the day, save the daily consumption to the history list. Only the date and the total kJ for this day will be saved.

The history list is intended to be opened in a spreadsheet program like libreoffice calc and to create a chart over the consumption of a period of time.

  - Qt5
  - cmake

calotrac-0.9.11; 01. Oct. 2015
* new GUI
* new file format
* calotrac now stores 5 categories per day: total kJ for food, fruits, snacks, non alcoholic drinks, alcoholic drinks
* some definition file names have changed - check ~/.config/calotrac/... after first start or read the online help
* now Qt5 based
Source: tar.gz ; arch linux: PKGBUILD ; Qt 5.5.0: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz

calotrac-0.9.6; 02. Sep. 2014
* introduced more food categories
* existing food_X.txt files have to be reworked:
- rename ~/.config/calotrac to .../calotrac_end
- start the program, this will create new, empty food and drinks files
- manually edit the new files and add your entries according to the category
Source: tar.gz ; arch linux: Qt 4.8.6: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz

calotrac-0.9.5; 02. Dec. 2013
v0.9.3 and v0.9.4 were never released.
* fixed decrease font size also for daily consumption list incl. sub-totals and total
* delete confirmation on exit - no data loss anyway
* set default amount of drinks to 200ml
* decrease font size
* fixed clear daily sub-totals and total when clearing daily entries
* decrease width of date and amount combobox and add-button
files no longer online

calotrac-0.9.2; 30. Jun. 2013
* GUI - usability improvement - item files changed - sorry!
files no longer online

calotrac-0.9.1; 04. Aug. 2011
* initial release
files no longer online