stnmc - Synchronize To Normalized Mp3 Copy

Create a normalized copy of a music collection.
Input format: flac, mp3, ogg and wav.
Output format: normalized mp3.

The Master directory structure will be retained in Copy.
Original mp3s will only be normalized, lossless.

The program is released under GPL2 or later.

  for compilation
    - Qt4, for compilation
    - cmake, for compilation
  to run
    - lame to convert to mp3
    - mp3gain for lossless mp3 normalization
    - flac to convert flacs
    - ogg to convert ogg vorbis audio
    - taglib to retain some tags from flac or ogg

stnmc program widget - nothing to do >>>

stnmc pic
The inofficial debian package should be good to go... ...well, at least for debian sid amd64 users.

stnmc 0.9.6 ; 26. October 2010:
* fixed compile with Qt4.7
* fixed show about dialog close to calling area
Source: tar.gz ; Arch Linux : PKGBUILD ; Qt 4.7.0 pre-compiled package: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz

stnmc 0.9.5 ; 25. January 2010:
* fixed: show a progress pop-up while scanning master and copy dir - this can take a while...
Source: tar.gz ; debian sid: amd64

stnmc 0.9.4 ; 18. September 2009:
* initial release
Source: tar.gz ; debian sid: amd64