qvtwfc - Qt4 vocabulary training with flash cards

Have a little flash card session while starting up your daily desktop session.
Yeah, life is a never ending learning experience.

- You can run a language flash card session on every boot into your desktop (KDE and xdg/freedesktop.org like Gnome or xfce4 supported).
- qvtwfc is not compatible to anything else, you will have to add every word pair by yourself
- Either run qvtwfc without command line argument (normal mode) and maintain a vocabulary file and access the settings dialog or
- Run qvtwfc with the -t switch and start a flash card session.
- Toggling to have a flash card session on booting your desktop can be done within qvtwfc (via the settings dialog)
- dict look up is supported.
- qvtwfc should be found in your desktop menu under 'Education' after installation
- Read the help file in normal mode for more information.
  - Qt4
  - cmake
  - dictd or another dict server for local dict support (dictionary look up, not required to build qvtwfc)

qvtwfc running on xfce4 (Totem/Gorilla):

normal mode:

qvtwfc normal pic

flash card/test mode:
qvtwfct flash card pic

The inofficial debian package should be good to go... ...well, at least for debian sid amd64 users.

qvtwfc- ; 17. May 2009 ; update 15. Apr. 2010
* update 20100415: arch PKGBUILD and *.pkg.tar.xz added
* debian package update, nothing else
Source: tar.gz ; debian sid: amd64 ; arch: PKGBUILD ; *-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

qvtwfc-1.0.0 ; 02. May 2009
* maintenance release, Qt 4.5(.1)/x-server 1.6.1 not honouring: showMaximized(), replaced by showFullScreen(), used by show online help
* fixed: possible crash on startup
* updated: about/help dialog only created on request, memory saver
* updated: about/help dialog use system default font (-size)
Source: tar.gz ; debian sid: amd64

qvtwfc-0.9.23 ; 04. Aug. 2008
* fixed: clear new entry translation widget if lookup input widget entry changes
Source: tar.gz ; debian sid: amd64

qvtwfc-0.9.22 ; 03. Aug. 2008
* fixed: add the translation and not the original as translation to the new entry line
* fixed: show translation in dialog to confirm deleting an entry from the word list
* updated: some cleanups
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.21 ; 02. Aug. 2008
* fixed: setting items in dict result widget, starting in column 0 again
* fixed: enabling 'Add Entry' button in dict result widget, if dict result checked and not already in word list
* fixed: losing connection to dict server / unable to re-connect
* changed: time before autoclear dict result & lookup input widget from 12 to 18 sec
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.20 ; 01. Aug. 2008
* fixed: segmentation fault on 32bit or slow systems
Currently the dict result widget shows an empty column at left. This is a workaround to avoid crashes when setting items into this first column.
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.19 ; 31. Jul. 2008
* fixed: disconnects from dict server (hopefully) by re-connecting for each 1-char length lookup
* fixed: installation of some icons
* fixed: set focus to dict lookup input widget on clearing dict lookup search, F10-key
* added: timer to clear dict lookup widget after 12sec if no search entry selected and search input has focus
* added: some more key shortcuts: ALT +a=about dialog, +h=online help, +s=save word list
* internal re-factoring of settings dialog and dict server handling
Currently the dict result widget shows an empty column at left. This is a workaround to avoid crashes when setting items into this first column.
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.18 ; 12. Jul. 2008
* fixed: 'Add Entry' button not enabled if wordpair in dict search result selected by space key
* updated: F10 key now clears dict lookup search widget
* updated: settings dialog: default tab, border size
* updated: about/help widget: border size
* updated: main GUI: minor layout changes, added key info text, set default size to 670x430
* updated: enable/disable dict search frame
* updated: online help
* added: F2 key now saves word list
* added: on start set focus to dict search input widget, if dict search enabled
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.17 ; 11. Jul. 2008
* fixed: no icons on buttons after installation
* fixed: start up size too large, now 620x465
* fixed: shorten some text, adding tooltips instead
* fixed: several labels and lineedits not following the defined font size
* fixed: allow resize of right side of horizontal splitter to a much smaller size
* fixed: make settings widget use the defined font size
* fixed: when enabling dict lookup mode for the first time, after saving settings, nothing happens
* fixed: make about/help widget use the defined font size
* fixed: dict result table row height too tall - disable word wrap
* fixed: installation of program icon - now into /usr/share/icons/hicolor/ at 48,64,128
* improved: size usage: move text New Entry under the new entry line
* improved: size usage: reduce some horizontal spacers, outside borders, splitter widths, frame borders
* added: F12 key allows saving of new entry, if 'Add Entry' button is enabled
* updated: online help
* v0.9.16 was never released
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.15 ; 29. Apr. 2008
* fixed: dialog to edit translation to be shown at cursor position. Not fully happy, though...
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.14 ; 09. Apr. 2008
* fixed: show word type edit widget at word type position - a tiny update
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.13 ; 03. Mar. 2008
* added: shortcut key (Ctrl) to clear 'Dict lookup' input widget. Useful if match already in the word list
* updated: online help, added commands section
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.12 ; 15. Feb. 2008
* fixed: crash when enabling dict look up for the first time. Not feeling good, a Qt4 bug?
* added: set focus back to last active input widget after save button was clicked
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.11 ; 10. Feb. 2008
* another spin: improved: behaviour of widget in flash card mode, still needs some manual interaction
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.10 ; 08. Feb. 2008
* added: edit word type of wordpair
* added: edit translation of wordpair
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.9 ; 06. Feb. 2008
* improved: behaviour when loosing connection to dict server - try to re-connect
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.8 ; 24. Dec. 2007
* adding dict vocabulary look up
* therefore switched from qtextbrowser to qtablewidget
* added word type, like verb, noun etc.
* side note: 0.9.7 was never released, do not ask... :-)
* note, that the vocabulary file format has changed ! From origTABtrans to origTABtypeTABtrans ! Sorry about that !
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.6 ; 12. Aug. 2007
* Arghh, do we now install menu icons correctly?
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.5 ; 11. Aug. 2007
* improved installation of icons and menu entries
files no longer online.

qvtwfc-0.9.1 ; 05. Aug. 2007
* initial public release
files no longer online.