normalizetogo - Qt5 based lossy audio normalizator

normalizetogo re-encodes the original music files to wave, normalizes the audio level and then re-encodes to 224 kbit/s mp3s.
This process results in audio quality loss, hence 'togo', suitable rather for mobile devices, car stereo than for a HiFi quality collection.

- It has the ability to re-add tags from the original files to the normalized files.
- Can create a random mix of the input files by prefixing with xx- .
- Can delete any spaces in names and/or shorten them, both should not be neccessary these days.

lame is used to decode and re-encode the files.
wavegain is used in between to normalize the created wav files.

Known issues: currently it cannot re-create V2.3 tags.

The program is released under GPL2.

normalizetogo screenshot:

normalizetogo pic

Beside the source, an inofficial arch linux package for amd64 is available.

normalizetogo-0.9.1 ; 03. Apr. 2016
* initial release
Source: tar.gz ; Arch Linux pkg: PKGBUILD ; Qt 5.6.0: x86_64 pkg.tar.xz